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Kenya Tour Driver Guides Association

Welcome to Kenya Tour Driver Guides Association (KTDGA)


The Kenya Tour Driver guides Association (KTDGA) registered under the Registrar of Societies in Kenya. KTDGA is an open association for all tour guides operating in Kenya, whether employed or practicing as freelance guides. The association seeks to empower and capacity build all tour guides to a professional status. The association was formed in 2006 and in February 2015 conducted their first ever general elections under the watch of the registrar of societies and Tourism Regulatory authority (TRA). The election process saw a new team sworn to the office and registered as the official NEC of the Association by the registrar of societies in Kenya.

The new NEC has a vision to take KTDGA to the, level of International recognition in both status (membership and financial) and offer quality of service by and for the members. KTDGA membership currently (as at April 2015) stand at over400 paid-up members, all actively involved in the activities of the association. The members are spread all over the country. KTDGA’s operations and membership are guided by the KTDGA constitution of 2015 and the member’s code of conduct. These documents outline how the association shall engage in recruiting members, how incomes of the association shall be handles and how the association members shall elect.


Latest News

18 December 2015

Annual Meeting

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31 December 2015

End Year Party

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13 March 2016

General Elections

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Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime


A Word From The Partners

23 April 2012Chairperson's Message

Chairperson's Message

The country is currently experiencing a lot of uncertainties in Tourism as has been observed over the past couple of years. Never the less the private sector is well aware of the efforts the government is putting in place to ensure that the sector gets through and sustenance henceforth is achieved.
23 April 2012Organising Secretary's Message

Organising Secretary's Message

I am a happy man today. What KTDGA set out to do in this document moves me. This an undertaking of members. All undertake to bring back the Tourism sector to where it belongs. This is partly a dream come true. On the onset of this journey, I want to call upon members to be focused and dedicated to the spirit of our strategy as KTDDGA which we have documented herein. Let us keep the…

Umbrella Professional Organization


We are an examining body whose aim is to improve the quality of Driver Guides for the Kenya tourist industry. Tourists expect and are entitled to be accompanied by qualified guides during their visits to Kenya. We are committed to ensuring that this is the case.

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